30 November 2023

Amputee Workout Ideas to Reach Fitness Goals

Workouts tailored to the unique needs of an amputee can help improve strength, flexibility, and balance. In this article, we’ll explore effective workouts for amputees that can get them closer to achieving their fitness goals.


Cardio to Maintain a Healthy Heart


In addition to maintaining heart health, improving circulation, and promoting weight management, cardio can be fun. Amputees can participate in various cardio workouts, including:


  • Swimming. A low-impact exercise that works the entire body, swimming is an excellent choice for amputees, as it places minimal stress on the joints and residual limbs.
  • Seated Cycling. Stationary bikes or hand cycles allow amputees to get a cardio workout without needing high-impact activities.
  • Wheelchair Sports. Sports like wheelchair basketball, tennis, or rugby can provide an exciting and fun way to exercise.


Strength Training to Build Muscle


An amputee can strength train to improve their balance, stability, and overall function. Strength training can also relieve stress and boost your mood. Try these ideas to build muscle:


  • Seated Dumbbell Exercises: For the upper body, seated bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions can be performed using dumbbells or with no weights.
  • Resistance Band Exercises: Resistance bands can be used to perform seated rows, seated leg presses, or seated chest presses, targeting various muscle groups while minimizing the strain on residual limbs.
  • Bodyweight Exercises: Depending on your level of mobility, you can perform modified bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, seated dips, and planks to build strength.


Regular workouts can help amputees improve their overall health and enhance their mood. Before beginning any exercise program, consult a healthcare professional, physical therapist, or certified prosthetist. At Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, we’re committed to supporting amputees on their journey to wellness and independence. Contact us today for more information on our services and resources for amputees.


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