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Regain your freedom of movement with the C-leg.

Imagine walking and getting around with ease, hardly noticing the existence of a prosthetic device below your waist. Now, this and more is possible with Ottobock’s C-leg above-knee prosthetic leg. This is one of the prosthetics we highly recommend to our patients at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics because of the way it can transform the way you walk and get around.

C-leg in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here are some of the other key advantages of the C-leg prosthetic device:

  • Control your prosthetic with an app—Using the Cockpit app, you can operate the C-leg right from your smart phone. Get access to information about the battery charge level, key features of the joint, and more.
  • Enjoy greater stability—Studies have shown that those who use the C-leg experience fewer falls than those who use conventional prostheses. This makes the C-leg a highly reliable leg prosthesis system.
  • Benefit from real-time adjustments—Your motion happens in three dimensions. Using sophisticated sensors, the C-leg knows where it is in space at all times, and it uses this information to make precise adjustments with every step.
  • Easily get your prosthetic in motion—With support from the C-leg microprocessor, getting your prosthetic leg in motion is easy, allowing you to gain the control and freedom you want.
  • Get stance support when you need it—With its intuitive stance feature, the C-leg knows when you stop moving and moves the knee into a slightly flexed position.

Regain your freedom and go about your day in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with ease, thanks to the C-leg. For more information, feel free to contact our office!