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Get back to normal walking and movement with the C-Brace® by Ottobock.

The C-Brace® by Ottobock is the world’s only orthosis that is stance and swing phase controlled. For people who have total or partial paralysis of the knee extensors, the C-Brace® makes walking possible again! The user can also walk with a natural gait pattern thanks to this orthosis’ unique sensor technology that controls walking movements in real time. Regular and enjoyable activities, like taking a family bike ride, hiking in the mountains, or even just walking around the grocery store are all possible again with this innovative orthosis.

Ottobock in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

With previous orthoses, those with paralyzed knee joints were limited to unlocking and locking this joint, meaning that movements could only be carried out in an abrupt manner. With the C-Brace® by Ottobock, the orthosis immediately and intelligently responds to the wearer’s movements. When wearing this brace, the user does not have to pay attention to every step, allowing walking to become a natural experience again.

In addition to this amazing capability, this orthosis is smaller than traditional models and can be worn underneath clothing. Since it is lighter, the wearer also does not need to exert as much effort when they walk and move around. Additionally, the user can even use a smartphone app to adjust the orthosis to different modes, such as cycling mode, for instance.

At Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, we are amazed at the technology used by Ottobock’s C-Brace® and are eager to introduce it to all our patients with paralyzed knee joints in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. If you would like additional information, please contact our office today!