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Combat the effects of chronic venous disease with products from SIGVARIS

Do you struggle with heavy, tired legs and swollen ankles? In addition to skin changes, these can be signs of chronic venous disease. A large percentage of the population suffers from chronic venous insufficiency, a serious disease that comes with real clinical consequences. When treating venous disorders like these, wearing compression stockings can make a noticeable difference.

SIGVARIS in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Your doctor may recommend compression therapy as a cornerstone of treating a venous disorder or disease. SIGVARIS products, when prescribed by your physician and fitted correctly by our team at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, can reduce venous symptoms, improve venous blood flow, and improve the overall health of your legs.

Living with a venous disorder, your symptoms will be very different from another person’s, and your needs for compression therapy will change over time as you make different lifestyle changes and as your condition develops. SIGVARIS designs a wide range of medical compression therapy solutions in response to these different needs.

Our role in the process is to recommend which SIGVARIS products will best suit your current condition and make alterations as your needs change over time. Scientific studies have shown the efficacy of these products time and time again, and health professionals recognize SIVGARIS products as some of the best, offering a solution for everyone.

Ask your treating physician in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for a referral to our office, and we can introduce you to SIGVARIS compression therapy products that can enhance your wellbeing and reduce your symptoms.