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Turn to us for properly-fitted compression garments that help with healing.

Compression garments are meant to enhance and increase blood circulation and rid your body of potentially harmful fluids.

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Compression garments can be used for vascular cases, lymphedema, and those with diabetes. At Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, we offer a full lineup of compression garments and can custom fit these garments to meet your specific and ongoing needs. In fact, we are known throughout the Greensboro, North Carolina area as the place to turn for custom-made compression garments.

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Our compression garments come from top suppliers we have scrupulously vetted to ensure exceptional quality and the best possible results for our patients. After referral to our office, our team will carefully come up with a comprehensive plan of care, in partnership with your treating physician, so you not only receive superior compression garments, but also the care you need to heal and move forward.

4 Tips for Wearing Compression Garments

Compression garments are a non-invasive way to improve your body’s circulation and speed up the healing process following surgery or an injury. If we recently provided you with compression garments at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, here are some tips for getting the most out of the process:

  1. Put them on in the morning—Your arms or legs will be less swollen in the morning, so put them on shortly after you get out of bed. We advise against putting them on midday or later in the day, as they will be more difficult to get on.
  2. Wear rubber gloves—If you still struggle to get your compression garments on, try wearing a pair of rubber gloves to enhance your grip.
  3. Check on them periodically—Throughout the day, check on your compression garments to make sure they are still in place. Smooth out any wrinkles to ensure optimum pressure and adjust your garments if they have slid out of place.
  4. Make them last—With proper care, you can usually make a pair of compression garments last around six months. We suggest having two pairs, so you can swap them out every other day. Always remove your compression garments before bed. When you wash them, handwash them and use gentle soap before letting them air dry. Make sure they are fully dry before you put them on again.

Compression garments have a wide variety of benefits– contact us to learn more!

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We focus on going above and beyond for every patient, whether they come and see us for compression garments, diabetic footwear, prosthetics, or custom-fitted orthotics. If you would like to receive compression garments from our office, please let your doctor know, so they can give you a referral. At Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, we look forward to providing you with excellent care!


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