As for compression garments, we offer many sizing options in off-the-shelf products from several manufacturers.  However, if a standard size does not fit or will not provide an appropriate medical outcome, we move forward to making a custom garment solution that will not only address the medical needs of the patient, but also provide the best possible outcome as the garment is made exactly to the patient’s measurements.

Submitting an insurance claim for the custom manufacturing of a prosthetic, orthotic, or compression garment is possible. Our team at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics is here to guide you through this process and make it successful! For a referral to our office, reach out to your healthcare provider today.


Ready-made prosthetics, orthotics, and compression garments – get the right fit with our custom manufacturing services.


Custom prosthetics, orthotics, and compression garments can help patients get back to normal activities after an amputation, injury, or chronic illness. Our role in this process at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics is to custom manufacture products that help our patients recover, move forward, and get their mobility back.


No two people are the same, and therefore, their needs are completely different. At the start of the evaluation process, we always view our patient from a holistic, whole-person viewpoint to understand their needs and goals. We work directly alongside each patient’s physician and physical therapist to ensure the prescription is correct, we fully comprehend the need of the custom product, and we use our expertise in manufacturing to make insightful recommendations.


Generally speaking, the custom manufacturing process starts by taking accurate and precise measurements. For the proper fit and use of any medical device, correct measurements are paramount, and we take as much time as necessary to get them right.  We utilize the latest technologies such as 3D scanners, as well as the tried-and-true methods of castings and impressions so we can begin with a perfect mold or other representation of the body part being addressed.


As for prosthetics and orthotics, our initial mold of the limb/body part is our starting point.  To create a custom device, we modify this mold to create a form around which we pull raw materials and create the initial product. Custom manufacturing gives us the flexibility to utilize a wide range of materials to create the new device.  These materials can include carbon fiber, silicone, aluminum, acrylic resin, titanium, or aluminum. These materials are carefully selected by our certified practitioners and are chosen for the patient depending on their needs and goals.  This process allows us to make the prosthetic or orthotic as comfortable as possible but provide the greatest functionality and confidence while being worn.

Custom Manufacturing

Since 2014, Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics has become the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area’s preferred source for orthotics, prosthetics, diabetic footwear, mastectomy prosthetics, and shoe inserts.