Limb Loss, Winston‑Salem, NC

Achieve greater independence and mobility after the loss of a limb.

After losing a limb, it can feel like your world has changed forever. At Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, we understand limb loss can present a major change in your life, and we are here to help you regain independence and mobility with our orthotic and prosthetic solutions.

Limb Loss in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We have experience creating prosthetics for amputees of all ages and backgrounds following limb loss. Although some prosthetists only work with their patients on a weekly basis, we can consult with you as often as you need. We never subject your prosthetic fitting to trial and error, instead founding our processes on the experience that comes with fitting many patients with new prosthetic devices.

We work with you to help you adjust to your prosthetic device after limb loss instead of leaving you on your own. We also realize that after designing your first prosthetic, you may need us to tweak and change the device multiple times to achieve optimal comfort and fit. We are more than willing to do this, so your prosthetic enhances your life instead of holding you back.

Following limb loss, we will consult regularly with your treating physician to come up with a comprehensive care plan that meets your needs to ensure the highest level of success and mobility possible when using your new prosthetic. For more information about why so many amputees choose us in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, give us a call today.