Mastectomy Prosthesis, Winston-Salem, NC

Get your shape back after surgery with a mastectomy prosthesis.

If you would rather forgo breast reconstruction surgery but you still want a breast shape, a mastectomy prosthesis (or breast form) can help you look balanced again without undergoing another operation. You can wear a single mastectomy prosthesis (or two prostheses if you had a double mastectomy) if you still want the appearance of breasts, but you want to forgo or hold off on reconstruction.

Mastectomy Prosthesis in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The fastest way to fill the space where your breast used to be, a mastectomy prosthesis can be discreetly slipped into your mastectomy bra or mastectomy bathing suit. You will then appear like you did before surgery, which is a huge relief for many of the women who turn to us at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics after losing a breast.

There are two primary types of breast protheses, and either may be right for you for a different reason or at different times in your life:

  1. Silicone—In general, silicone breast protheses offer the most natural and realistic look and feel. There are also two types of silicone prostheses – asymmetrical and symmetrical.
  2. Leisure Form—Usually made from foam or polyfill, we recommend a lightweight breast prothesis when recovering from surgery because this type is the most comfortable.

Find out more about why so many women in Winston-Salem, North Carolina prefer our approach to mastectomy prostheses by contacting our office today.