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We offer several types of orthoses for effective spinal bracing.

Spinal Bracing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The purpose of spinal bracing is to control back pain by minimizing motion and preventing discs, vertebrae, and other parts of the spine from shifting. Spinal bracing also serves the purpose of stabilizing injured or weak structures by immobilizing the spine and preventing/correcting the progression of a deformity.

Generally speaking, there are two primary types of spinal bracing orthoses used today:

1.Flexible orthoses—These are generally prescribed for cases of low back pain that occur due to trauma, postural deformities, or degenerative disc disorders. Usually made from lightweight materials, like cotton or nylon, flexible orthoses increase abdominal pressure, and inserts can be added to serve as postural reminders.

2.Rigid orthoses—These orthoses provide the highest level of support to a treated area. Typically, two-piece orthoses are used post-operation, while single-piece designs are often used for adolescents with scoliosis.

When implemented correctly, orthotic spinal bracing can be a beneficial approach for many conditions. At Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, we are here to introduce you to your spinal bracing options, fit you with the right solution, and guide you as you work to alleviate your symptoms and live a normal daily life.

We are properly credentialed and experienced to meet all your spinal bracing needs, and we will work diligently to find the right orthoses for your needs. Contact us at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics in Winston-Salem, North Carolina today to speak with one of our representatives.