10 Signs Your Child Could Need Custom
Orthotics [infographic]

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Orthotics can help correct emerging issues with your child’s feet and legs as they grow. At Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, we offer a variety of lower-limb orthotics for children, and we can adjust them as the needs of your child change as they grow. If you believe your child may need custom orthotics, here are a few signs you should request an appointment with our office:

1.    Your child has a hard time keeping up with other kids in their class during physical activities.

2.    Your child’s feet turn inwards or outwards when they stand, walk, or run.

3.    Your child has flat feet (low or no arches) or extremely high arches.

4.    Your child regularly complains about pain in their feet, ankles, back, or legs. They may also make comments about pain in their legs and feet when they walk or run.

10 Signs Your Child Could Need Custom Orthotics [infographic]

5.    Your child wants to be carried by you more often than other children their same age.

6.    Your child shows an interest in playing sports, but when it comes time to participate, they do not want to because of issues with their legs or feet.

7.    Your child prefers to lean on one leg or foot when they walk, or limps on one foot while walking.

8.    Your child constantly trips or shows other signs of clumsiness and lack of coordination.

9.    Your child shows ongoing stiffness in one or both of their feet and ankles.

10.    You notice a sudden change in the way your child moves around or the way they walk.