5 Coping Strategies for Those with Upper Limb Loss [infographic]

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Wearing a life-like, natural-looking upper-limb prosthetic can help your device blend in with your amputation and enhance your daily functionality. But, in addition to wearing the right prosthetic, it is important to accept this life-changing new part of yourself, even if you experience feelings of loss, grieving, and frustration as you move forward from the injury.

5 Coping Strategies for Those with Upper Limb Loss [infographic]

1. Recognize Your Feelings

It is normal to feel frustrated, angry, and sad when you’ve been through something as dramatic as an amputation. Part of working through these complicated emotions begins by acknowledging these feelings.

2. Focus on the Present

The journey during physical rehabilitation is just as, if not more, important than the destination. Rehabilitation can feel like hundreds of baby steps, but it is essential to focus on your progress and not what your life will look like months or years in the future.

3. Express Your Struggles

There are many ways to express your feelings, like writing down your thoughts, participating in a creative medium, or confiding in friends and family members.

4. Talk to Other Amputees

Many others have undergone an upper-limb amputation. Talking to other people with upper-limb loss may provide hope and understanding.

5. Find a New Purpose

Look for something new in your life that provides meaning. For some amputees, this means raising awareness, but for others, it can mean seeking spiritual meaning.