6 Specialized Features of Diabetic Footwear [infographic]

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26Diabetic footwear must have specific features that alleviate some of the conditions diabetics suffer from, like foot ulcers, skin breakdown, diabetic neuropathy, and numbness. Most diabetic shoes are different from regular shoes because they come with the following special features.

6 Specialized Features of Diabetic Footwear [infographic]

  1. A deep toe box—This gives the toes extra room to move around. It also prevents too much pressure from being put on and hurting the toes.
  2. Non-binding uppers—Regular shoes are often made from firm materials that can irritate the back of the heel and the top of the toes. Non-binding uppers ensure there is no excess pressure on these parts of the foot.
  3. Protective interior—The interior of most diabetic shoes is compromised of softer materials and stitching that won’t protrude and cause irritation to the foot.
  4. Lightweight cushioning soles—Heavily cushioned soles facilitate stability and mobility while also reducing impact on the foot with every step.
  5. Extra depth—Most diabetic shoes have more depth to their interior than regular shoes to provide a pressure-free fit. This also ensures thick orthotic inserts can easily fit within the shoe.
  6. Specialized insoles—Some diabetic shoes come with specialized insoles that reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot, provide additional cushioning, and deliver arch support.