7 Reasons to Sport Your Compression Garments More Often [infographic]

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We offer a full lineup of compression garments at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, and we can even custom fit these garments to meet the specific, ongoing needs of our patients. We scrupulously vet all the suppliers of our compression garments, so if you wear them, you can benefit from them in the following ways. Make sure to ask your treating physician for a referral to our office, and we can tell you more!

7 reason to used compression

1. Reduce swelling—Swelling can be an uncomfortable side effect of healing from surgery, or even being up on your feet throughout the day. Get control of your swelling with the help of compression garments!

2. Improve circulation—Lack of circulation in your feet and legs can result in loss of feeling or uncomfortable tingling. Compression garments enhance circulation in your lower limbs, so you maintain feeling.

3. Prevent blood clots—Since compression garments help keep blood flowing through your feet and legs, they can prevent blood clots in the days and weeks following surgery or recovery when you remain stationary.

4. Control discomfort from varicose veins—While compression garments cannot fix varicose veins, they can reduce the discomfort you experience from them. This can be especially helpful if you sit a large portion of your day or when you travel.

5. Help treat a variety of disorders—Wearing compression garments can help with several different disorders, such as lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, and post-thrombotic syndrome.

6. Expedite healing—Following an injury or surgery, compression garments can aid in the healing process by enhancing circulation, so the affected area continues to receive essential materials needed to heal.

7. Reduce muscle fatigue—Sore muscles are a common effect of working out. If you struggle with muscle fatigue, wearing compression garments during your workout can minimize the soreness you experience.