A Podiatrist is Your Foot, Ankle, and Leg Specialist

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Most of us think of a podiatrist as a foot doctor, but really a podiatrist is someone who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems with the feet, ankles, and lower legs. There are a number of things that you can discuss with a podiatrist related to your lower extremities, and some podiatrists even specialize in children, radiology, or diabetic foot care.

A Podiatrist is Your Foot, Ankle, and Leg Specialist

Here are some of the primary topics you may wish to discuss when you go to a podiatrist’s office:

  • Diagnosis of Foot Problems – If you have ever suffered from an issue related to your foot, there is a possibility you were referred to a podiatrist for a diagnosis prior to treatment. A podiatrist can diagnose common problems such as ulcers, foot deformities, and skin and toenail diseases.
  • Treat Foot Conditions – Once a diagnosis is made, a podiatrist can also provide treatment, including the correction of foot issues like fallen arches, heel spurs, bone disorders, bunions and corns.
  • Stabilize Injuries – Many people don’t know that a podiatrist is equipped to create flexible casts for sprains and fractures in the lower extremities. For example, if someone has a sprain or fracture of the ankle, a podiatrist can create a custom cast to stabilize the injury while it heals.
  • Pediatric Foot Concerns – Sometimes children need to be seen by a podiatrist to treat foot conditions. A podiatrist can diagnose and treat a variety of pediatric foot concerns such as ingrown toenails, athlete’s foot, crossover toes, flat feet, or growth plate injuries.

In the event that a podiatrist cannot fully diagnose or treat a foot, ankle, or lower leg issue, they will refer patients out to other specialists who can work with the person to achieve the best results.

If you believe you may be in need of a foot specialist or have a lower leg injury, reach out to us at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics for more information about our products and services.