An Introduction to the Different Types of Prosthetic Hands

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Prosthetic hands can be an important tool to make everyday tasks easier for those who need them. Think about the tasks your hands might do every day, from delicate maneuvers like threading a needle to forceful tasks like hammering a nail. Prosthetic hands vary depending on your goals and needs, but partial hand loss is one of the most common issues addressed by prosthetics. As with many things, recent technological improvements can benefit you if you find yourself in need of a prosthetic hand.

An Introduction to the Different Types of Prosthetic Hands

If you have experienced partial hand or limb loss, you may choose not to use prosthetics. It is important to consider this decision carefully, consulting with your medical doctor and possibly a physical therapist. You may overuse the other side of your body, which can lead to challenges with your body’s alignment and symmetry.

If you decide to explore prosthetic hands, there are five basic options to consider:

  • Activity-specific prothesis: If you have an interest in playing a sport or pursuing a line of work or hobby that wouldn’t be possible with other types of prosthetics, we can discuss unique options for specific activities.
  • Passive prothesis: This type of prothesis may help with everyday function, but it lacks the possibility of active grab and release. An example of this type of prothesis is a cosmetic prosthetic.
  • Electrically powered prothesis: This type detects the movement of your remaining muscles and matches the movement of the prothesis to your movements.
  • Body-powered prothesis: If you are looking for a durable prothesis with a natural-feeling movement, you may want to consider this type.
  • Hybrid prothesis: These custom prosthetics use elements from the other types to meet your unique needs.

Whatever type of prosthetic hands you choose, you can also consider how to finish your prosthetic. You may want a more natural-looking hand, complete with veining and even wrinkles. Or you may want to have your prosthetic finished in a colorful way or even with a unique design.