Are You a New Amputee? Tips for Adjusting to This New Life

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Becoming an amputee is a lifechanging event. You may experience a wide range of emotions on any given day and struggle to cope with this new life. If you are a new amputee, here are our top tips for coping and successfully moving forward.

Are You a New Amputee? Tips for Adjusting to This New Life

  • Whether you think you can or think you can’t, it’s usually true. Although it may sound cliché, believing in yourself and your capabilities is key to overcoming the challenges of being a new amputee. Focus your mindset on learning and adapting while still allowing yourself to go through the grieving process that comes from losing a limb.
  • Losing a limb and becoming an amputee can be traumatic. Remember that adapting to this change will take some time and give yourself patience as you go through the ups and downs.
  • There is nearly endless information available online and from other resources on how to take care of your residual limb and prosthesis and how to take better care of yourself. Talk to your rehabilitation team and other professionals involved with your care if you have questions or need access to resources.
  • In the midst of any major life change, finding an enjoyable, meaningful way to spend your time can help. Reinvest in or start a new hobby to help you process your feelings and regulate your emotions.
  • As an amputee, taking care of your physical health is more important than ever. Get enough sleep, exercise in whatever format you can to keep your mind and body strong, and eat a balanced diet.