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Comfort and Care Guidelines for Prosthetic Hands

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Prosthetic hands can significantly enhance the functionality and quality of life of someone following limb loss of varying degrees. However, prosthetic hands can only continue their intended purpose if cared for properly. Here are some guidelines for using your prosthetic hand following an amputation for greater comfort and use:

  • Before going to bed, always remove your prosthesis. This is a good time to inspect the device for any loose parts or problems as well as the amputation site for blisters or other abnormalities.
    A prosthetic hand can dramatically change your life for the better

  • When you are not wearing your prosthesis, place a bandage or shrinker over the amputation site, especially in the first few months after the operation.
  • Your physical therapist will likely recommend several exercises to perform using your prosthetic hands to help you feel more comfortable and confident using them. Commit yourself to doing these exercises by making them part of your daily routine.
  • Regularly cleaning your prosthesis is an important part of ensuring it does not create problems. We can give you proper cleaning directions during the fitting process, so make sure you follow them and ask if you have questions.

A prosthetic hand can dramatically change your life for the better if you let it! For questions about prosthetic hands, call our office. We also recommend asking your treating physician for a referral to our office.