Diabetic Footwear: Just One Key Aspect of Caring for Diabetic Feet

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Diabetes is a disease that affects many different parts of your body besides your blood sugar. Your kidneys, eyes, and extremities are just a sampling of the body parts that may experience problems with diabetes. Diabetes is growing at a rapid pace, especially in the last recent years where obesity has become a large determining factor in the diagnosis of the disease. Diabetic footwear is crucial for caring for your diabetes, but there are also other important things that you should keep in mind when caring for diabetic feet.

Diabetic footwear is crucial for caring for your diabetes

  • First, it’s important to remember that feet affected by diabetes are far less sensitive due to nerve damage. Combined with poor circulation, diabetic feet can quickly become infected and even necrotic without the individual feeling anything. Check diabetic feet carefully daily for signs of injury or infection.
  • Second, diabetic toenail and footcare need to be done with extra care. Diabetic feet often have more calluses, dry skin and harder, thicker nails. Trim nails very carefully, straight across to prevent cuts or ingrown toenails.
  • Finally, purchase well-fitting diabetic footwear that is fitted by a professional or podiatrist. Due to the loss of nerve stimulation, a diabetic person may not be able to feel if their footwear is ill-fitting. Ill-fitting shoes can cause blisters, painful sores and abrasions, which are the last things you want if you are diabetic!

If you are looking for comfortable, supportive and gentle diabetic footwear, come and see us here at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics. We can find you shoes that are comfortable and safe!