Microprocessor Knees Offer Benefits for Those with Active Lifestyles

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If you are considering different types of prosthetics, one of the exciting technological advancements in advanced prosthetics is the development of microprocessor knees. This type of prosthetic is controlled by built-in computer components and can help you safely navigate uneven terrain with less effort. The built-in sensors collect a continuous stream of data about your movement and timing, allowing the computer to detect stumbles and automatically adjust the stiffness of the prosthetic joint. This technology is especially helpful to those who have a bilateral loss of limbs (both legs require a prosthetic).

Microprocessor Knees Offer Benefits for Those with Active Lifestyles

Microprocessor knees are especially beneficial when climbing hills or other slopes, navigating ramps or perhaps hiking. Even in the urban environment, this advanced technology can help you navigate curbs, broken sidewalks, and other uneven terrain. There are even microprocessor ankles and feet that can work with microprocessor knees for even more security while walking on angled terrain by adjusting the stiffness of the various joints.

There are a few factors to consider before you decide that microprocessor knees best suit your unique needs for prosthetics. First of all, they do tend to be a bit heavier than other types of prosthetics due to the computer components and motorized features. Like most electronics, you also have to consider the need to monitor the level of the batteries and charge them as needed. You would not want to find yourself on a hike or long walk and suddenly have no battery charge in your prosthetic. We can discuss your unique needs and help you determine which type of prosthetic best meets them.