Three Advantages of Custom Prosthetic Breasts

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Having one or both of your breasts removed can be a challenging surgery, and determining how to get back to normalcy is an important step to take soon after. If you are looking for ways to feel like you are back to your old self, prosthetic breasts could be a solution that helps immediately.

Three Advantages of Custom Prosthetic Breasts

While many women are introduced to prosthetic breasts soon after surgery, generic options are typically meant to offer an intermediate solution, as the skin is sensitive while it recovers. Once recovery is complete, custom prosthetic breasts are often a good choice for many people.

1. Cost – While some women choose to undergo breast reconstruction, this option isn’t accessible to everyone. Custom prosthetic breasts give the look and feel of natural breasts at a reduced cost and without the need for another invasive surgery.

2. Fit – Many custom prosthetic breasts can be added to the liners or pockets of specially designed clothing to give the impression of natural breasts. Furthermore, custom prosthetics are designed for the wearer, meaning they will be easy on the skin, help balance a person’s shoulders, and aid with back support. Custom prosthetic breasts can also be made in a variety of sizes and skin tones.

3. Confidence – Undergoing a major surgery that requires the loss of one or both breasts can feel discouraging to many. Using custom prosthetic breasts not only restores confidence, but can also help someone achieve a greater sense of normalcy when they get back to their daily lives post-surgery.

If you are considering prosthetic breasts as a post-op solution, contact us at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics to learn more about our custom options. We are committed to quality patient care and service.