Three Tips for Basic Care of Prosthetics

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Three Tips for Basic Care of ProstheticsIf you’ve just received your first prosthetic or you have a child who is receiving a prosthetic, knowing how to care for this equipment is important. Taking extra care with prosthetics ensures their longevity and decreased likelihood of a necessary replacement shortly after being fitted.

Here are some basic care tips for prosthetics that will ensure they continue to work properly:

1. Safe Storage – When not wearing prosthetics, it is best to prop them against a wall out of the typical walkway so they won’t get knocked over or damaged. You should also avoid hot environments such as direct sunlight, a parked car, or near a heating vent.

2. Avoid Water Damage – Unless specifically designed to be used in water, prosthetics should not be immersed in fresh or saltwater for any length of time. Avoid bathing, swimming, or showing with a prosthetic on. If you or a child are involved in water sports or other water-related activities, discuss the need for water-proof prosthetics with your prosthetist.

3. Keep Clean & Dry – Prosthetics can collect dirt, bacteria, and other germs due to their being worn on a daily basis. It’s important to wipe the equipment clean with mild soap and water, especially the parts that touch the skin. Make sure not to fully immerse prosthetics in water as this could cause damage. Once cleaned, prosthetics can be left to air-dry overnight before being worn the next day.

Your prosthetist at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics can discuss your prosthetic equipment with you to help you determine best practices for care and maintenance. If you have questions about your prosthetics or would like to schedule an appointment, reach out to us today.