Pediatric Compression

Pediatric compression can help manage abnormal tone and neurological dysfunction.


Pediatric compression is a relatively new way to manage neurological dysfunction and abnormal tone in children. The purpose of pediatric compression is to improve the child’s functional abilities through a specialized orthosis that meets the child’s individual needs and objectives.


Every pediatric compression orthosis we create at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics features a snug fit because this increased pressure on targeted muscle groups helps improve proprioception. As a result, wearing the orthosis helps the child have better awareness of that part of their body. The resistance that is created by the additional layers of the reinforcing material also helps the child better control their movement.

Our specialized pediatric compression orthoses can help children function better in their daily lives by:


  • Improving their posture
  • Improving their distal and proximal stability
  • Reducing involuntary movements
  • Helping with pain relief
  • Reducing the number of associated reactions
  • Enhancing the results from therapy sessions


When the pediatric compression orthosis is removed, the goal is for the improved control of movement and function to carry over. This result is affected by how well the child responds to the treatment and their individual presentation.


Our pediatric team in Winston-Salem, North Carolina realizes that kids are not just small adults– they require a specialized approach that helps them do what they do best: be kids. We provide the best possible care to our pediatric patients in a comfortable environment driven by solutions and using the latest technology available. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our pediatric division.

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