Prosthetic Legs, Winston-Salem, NC

Regain your mobility and independence with a prosthetic leg.

Prosthetic legs help people with an amputated leg walk, stand, and get around easily. In many cases, they mimic the look of a real leg and are designed to imitate the function of the lost leg. While some amputees still need to use a walker or cane along with their prosthetic leg, many are able to walk freely.

Prosthetic Legs in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Before fitting patients in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with prosthetic legs, we always ask a few key questions:

  • Is there enough soft tissue to cushion the remaining bone?
  • How is the skin condition on the limb?
  • Is the other leg healthy and functional?
  • Does the residual limb have any range of motion?
  • How much pain occurs on a daily basis?

There are numerous options for prosthetic legs, and you must determine the right option for the actual prosthesis, the socket, and the suspension system. Luckily, you do not have to move forward with this process alone. Our team will provide compassionate, informative care and help you explore your options throughout the selection and fitting phases.

While getting used to wearing a prosthetic leg, your device may require several adjustments. We want to help you achieve the maximum level of mobility and independence possible, so we will work with you to establish greater comfort and functionality as you get used to your new prosthetic.

Trust us to help you find the right prosthetic leg for your needs! For more information about prosthetic legs, call us. Or, ask your treating physician for a referral to our office.