"Very satisfied Thank you"
-M. L.
"I love my new shoes, both pairs!"
-S. P.
"Everyone is always helpful and friendly! Thank you for all you do to help me and other patients. Y'all have been assisting me for many years!! I appreciate it!"
-T. R.
"I was well satisfied with service and all staff."
-T. M.
"Excellent service from check in to check out."
"D Neal and every one was very helpful. This is the only place that my feeling were taken into account. I would recommend them to anyone."
-J. J.
"I am very happy with the shoes I got and I am very happy with the way I was treated you will continue to have my business thanks for all you have done"
-K. BD.
""Emily, Shawn and everyone we have met are so friendly and helpful. They are the best"
"I have a rare connective tissue disorder that severely affects my joints. To prevent further deterioration of my knees and ankles, it was decided that I needed to get braces to help stabilize my legs. Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics was recommended. I was nervous at my first appointment, when I met Emily, but she quickly made me feel comfortable. After discussing my active lifestyle and the current issues I was having with my joints, we decided to embark on a grand adventure of making custom KAFOs designed to be used for a very active lifestyle. We started with just the basic custom AFOs, but this in itself was life changing! I hadn’t been able to run in nearly 2 years, and within a week of wearing them, I was able to go for a run, pain free. Next we added on the “K” portion, making them official KAFOs. Now this part was tedious but rewarding. They built the entire upper portion of the brace around me, while I was in the office, making stops along the way to check how I liked the feel, see if I foresaw any issues, and to check how this unique brace would work with my unique circumstances. It was very important to me that the KAFOs didn’t limit my mobility, and the team knew that. They also knew how important it was to protect my joints and make sure that I stayed safe while engaging in my own personal adventures. They created for me a KAFO that detached to become an AFO, of which both were able to be used while being active. To put this to the test, I played a little bit of soccer in the KAFO, and I can confidently say that they did a fantastic job! My KAFOs have allowed me to focus more on staying active and less on the fear of damaging my joints. The entire team at Tierney O&P is overflowing with kindness and compassion. From the moment you check in, you know you are being cared for by truly loving people. Everyone in that office has a heart for this place, and it truly shows."