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A lower limb amputation creates a real change for yourself and for your family. At Tierney O&P, we want to be your trusted companion throughout recovery with individualized help selecting and fitting a new lower limb prosthetic. Our purpose is to affirm to you that losing a limb is not the end, and with the right lower limb prosthetics, you can regain your mobility and independence.


Your ability to master day-to-day tasks, recreational activities, and workplace activities is dependent on the fitting of your lower limb prosthetics. Before making a suggestion for a lower limb prosthetic, we will assess many factors, including:


  • How well your existing limbs function
  • The condition of the residual limb
  • The stability of your joints
  • The activities you wish to accomplish and level of mobility you desire


When working with patients in Winston-Salem, NC, we usually being by providing a temporary prosthesis that is worn for a few months. When the residual limb fully heals and conforms to a healthy shape, we uncover permanent prosthesis options and move forward with the fitting process.






The purpose of lower limb prostheses is to help an amputee walk and stand, but the requirements for upper limb prosthetics are different. Since hands and arms perform a variety of tasks ranging from complex and delicate to forceful and strong, the ideal prosthetic device can perform a wide array of functions routinely done by a person’s natural hands.


In addition to possessing multiple functionalities, upper limb prosthetics must have a life-like appearance, since a person’s hands and arms contribute greatly to their social and psychological self. At Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics, we fit patients in Winston-Salem, NC with upper limb prosthetics that boast a natural appearance with details like veining, hair texture, skin tone, and even wrinkles.


One of the main issues we overcome while fitting upper limb prosthetics is the problem of gravity. One of the complaints many amputees bring to us is that gravity works against them and their prosthesis pulls away from their residual limb as they try to perform basic tasks. Our goal is to minimize the discomfort of the prosthetic device you use and ensure it can help you continue to perform different everyday functions as normally as possible.




Restore function and mobility with a prosthetic limb

Those who require prosthetic limbs due to diabetes, circulation problems, traumatic injuries, cancer, or birth defects may find that these devices help them return to normal function and perform regular activities without issue. However, the success of prosthetic limbs all comes back to the right selection and proper fitting, both of which we excel at here at Tierney Orthotics and Prosthetics.


We can work with you as often as you need to ensure the success of your prosthetic limb, so you adjust well to the new device. We will never use a “trial and error” approach when it comes to your care, which is why so many amputees in the Winston-Salem area continue to turn to us when they need prosthetic limbs. We can also work in partnership with your treating physician to develop a comprehensive plan of care to help you achieve the greatest level of mobility possible.


Our office offers cutting-edge technology for a range of prosthetic limbs, and we are eager to help you move forward with the right prosthetic device. For further information about our services and options, feel free to give us a call, and make sure to let your doctor know you want to work with us.

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